10. Tillægsord eller biord?

A) Indsæt det rigtige tillægsord (÷ ly) eller biord (+ ly) i boksen.

B) Klik dernæst på det ord i sætningen som tillægsordet/biordet siger noget om.

1. “You kicked me!” he shouted (angry/angrily) .

2. He was frightened because of the (terrible/terribly)
look on his face.

3. It was quite (clear/clearly) that they would end up in a (terrible/terribly) fight.

4. “Watch out!” the girl yelled (loud/loudly) .

5. “Leave him alone”, his sister begged (impatient/impatiently) .

6. “My mother will be (furious/furiously) when she hears of this (foolish/foolishly) fight”.

7. So, (final/finally) the two boys (reluctant/reluctantly) let go of each other.

8. They were both (unusual/unusually) moody that day.

9. (Eventual/Eventually) they became best friends.

10. And they got along (happy/happily) ever after.